The IPv6 board

This is a project inspired by the amazing IPv6 Christmas Tree

Send an ICMPv6 Echo Request to 2001:6b0:1001:105::/64 to write on the board. The host-bits are mapped from their hex-vaule to the ASCII-table, so for example a ping to 2001:6b0:1001:105:4177:6573:6f6d:6521 will print "Awesome!" to the board

The white led-strip to the right will blink once for each ICMPv6-packet received.

But why?

IPv6 is awesome and I just want to demonstrate how creative you can be with all the flexibility it has to offer.

When it's globally avalible it will open up many new possibilities for how internet is used and many new kinds of services will be possible.


You can use this script to write messages easier:

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